Basic steps to clone and set up concourse lite locally on Ubuntu.

git clone
cd concourse-docker
export \
docker-compose up

Hit http://localhost:8080/ in your browser. Click your OS icon and download fly.

mv ~/Downloads/fly /usr/local/bin/
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/fly
fly targets

Credentials are the ones we defined above. admin and password.

fly login -t lite login --concourse-url http://localhost:8080
fly -t lite sync

Update the pipeline (edit test.yml as necessary).

touch test.yml
fly -t lite set-pipeline -p test-pipeline -c test.yml

Log into the web UI using the same credentials above, and you should see your paused, undefined, pipeline after clicking the menu icon on the left.

You can execute tasks and override inputs and outputs like so.

fly -t lite execute \
	--config task.yml \
	--input someinput1=/some/dir/1 \
	--input someinput2=/some/dir/2 \
	--output someoutput1=/some/dir/3