This article is about installing Java to the roboRIO. This article is not about installing Java to your developer/programmer computer. They are two separate processes.

The FRC guides say:

… Java 8 is installed on the RoboRIO …

However, that does not seem to be true if your roboRIO has Image 2017 version 8 (FRC_roboRIO_2017_v8) installed on it, as our team discovered.

Our team encountered an error like this when trying to deploy our code to the robot.

[sshexec] Connecting to roboRIO-XXXX.local:22
[sshexec] cmd : test -d /usr/local/frc/JRE

C:\Users\Programmer\wpilib\java\current\ant\build.xml:239: Remote command failed with exit status 1

Note, there may be other reasons you are seeing that error above. For instance, your build file could be misconfigured. However, Java not being installed was the definite cause for that error in our situation.

The image installed to a roboRIO is an armv7 Linux filesystem. The FRC Eclipse plugins use SSH to deploy your robot code to the roboRIO, and that means we can SSH to the roboRIO to poke around.

Indeed, we used PuTTY to SSH into our roboRIO and found that Java was not installed. There was no JRE directory at /usr/local/frc/ on our roboRIO.

The FRC Eclipse plugins used to come with a simple utility that could be used to install Java to the roboRIO. Unfortunately, this utility does not seem to come with the latest FRC Eclipse Plugins.

We found we had to extract the roboRIO Java installer from an older version of the FRC Eclipse plugins.

You can view the archive of FRC Eclipse Plugins to see the various versions.

We found was the one we wanted.

Download that zip file, then extract the contents.

Navigate to this path.


Change the extension on edu.wpi.first.wpilib.plugins.core_2017.3.1.jar from .jar to .zip and extract the contents.

Navigate to this path.\resources

View the contents of

There you should see java-installer.jar. Copy that file somewhere like your Desktop.

Download the ORACLE JAVA SE EMBEDDED 8 Update 6. Specifically, download ARMv7 Linux - VFP, SoftFP ABI, Little Endian. The file name should be ejdk-8u6-fcs-b23-linux-arm-vfp-sflt-12_jun_2014.tar.gz. It should be the second link.

Double click java-installer.jar to run it.

When prompted, choose Already Downloaded and select the ejdk-8u6-fcs-b23-linux-arm-vfp-sflt-12_jun_2014.tar.gz we just downloaded.

Follow the prompts to install Java to your roboRIO.