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My name is Will Haley. I am a software engineer, Chicagoan, bicyclist, friend to all animals, open source proponent, amateur robotics mentor, and vetted nerd.

I attended school at DePaul University in Chicago and University College Dublin in Ireland. I am currently a Lead Software Engineer focusing on platform and community excellence at The Center for Translational Data Science at The University of Chicago. I also volunteer my programming skills and technical expertise with Bike Lane Uprising where we work with businesses and local munipalities to create safer infrastructure for everyone.

I'm a full stack polyglot, and learn best by doing. I enjoy volunteering my time to teach computer classes in my community and share my love of technology. I appreciate simplicity, open-mindedness, and horrible B movies.

I purposefully do not use Google Analytics or similar tracking software on my site and intend to keep it ad free. I believe in sharing knowledge and trying to improve the human experience.

Right now I'm working mostly with Golang, Ember.js, React, React Native, Redux, HTML, JS, Typescript, AWS, Firebase, Node.js, CSS, and always, bash.

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